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Our Store has been in operation since 1986 and offers a substantial selection of minerals, fossils, and jewelry, incorporating both precious and semi-precious stones.

Each year we journey all over the world, to facilitate the enrichment of our collection, thereby being able to offer our customers  the most exquisite, high quality merchandise, at competitive prices. We provide a unique opportunity to experience first hand, the unique creativity and elegance that is Nature.

Both in our store, and also on our webpage, can be found a wide variety  of natural minerals and fossils to decorate your home, adding both beauty and splendour to your own space.

You can also browse through our  collectors items  with which you may enrich your personal collection,  as well as Crystals with therapeutic energies, suitable for various crystal  healing therapy.

In addition, we offer handmade jewelry from our own in-house Talos designers , with various types of gemstones and silver or gold plated trimmings,. These exist in a wide range of colours, and in their own unique designs in which a great deal of  emphasis has been placed on detail. Our jewelry collection also contains ranges from different Greek designers, influenced both by Byzantine, and more modern styles which appeal to everyone- regardless of Age or gender.

We aim to an excellent level of service and satisfaction to our clients in the most efficient way possible with high regard for both our customers and our trade. We await your arrival for an unforgettable journey, for a journey….TALOS!

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