Pink tourmaline gemstone pendant in an oval shape


Handmade pendant made of sterling silver with gold plated bezel and natural pink tourmaline gemstone, in an oval shape. The pendant is threaded on a gold plated sterling silver chain with adjustable length. 

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Stone Tourmaline

Metal Sterling silver

Stone Colour Pink

Stone Shape Oval

Stone Size ~ 0.9cm x 0.7cm x 0.4cm (h x l x w)

Pendant Length ~ 1.5cm

Chain Length ~ 41cm (min) and 46cm (max)



The name has its origins in the Sri Lankan language, and their word “touramali”, which is a word they used to describe their precious stones. Tourmaline is a boron silicate mineral, which is characterized by the trigonal crystal system and the hardness of 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale. Tourmaline comes in different colours, and every colour has its own name- for example pink tourmaline is known as rubellite. The different colours are generally referred to by their identifying colour. Tourmaline can be found in various countries, including Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tanzania, the USA and Norway.



This stone brings clarity, inspiration, wealth, abundance and progress in anything associated with business. Tourmaline is believed to provide long life, energy, power, faith love, peace and equanimity. It promotes health, positive thinking and increases productivity. It appeases malevolence, envy and rage. Tourmaline protects us from all kinds of negative energy, and calms the nerves. In the zodiac world, it is attached to Sagittarius, Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer and Aries.

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