Yellow mookaite gemstone 38cm


Polished piece of natural yellow moookaite jasper gemstone, placed on a black, metallic base. The product has a height of 32cm. 

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Stone Mookaite

Stone Colour Yellow and beige shades

Stone Size ~ 30cm x 20cm x 2cm (h x l x w)

Base Size ~ 15cm x 10cm (l x w)

Product Height ~ 38cm   

Product Weight ~ 2.4kg  



The name of the stone comes from the Aboriginal world “Mooka”, which means “running water”, and it refers to the natural running waters in its place of origin. Mookaite is a silicate mineral, which belongs to the tectosilicate group and jasper family. It is characterized by the trigonal crystal system and the hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. Mookaite derives from the Mooka area in western Australia.



Mookaite is a powerful stone in many fields, beginning with its ability to reduce negative emotions and defensiveness. It negates stress and anxiety thereby encouraging peace of mind, thereby cleansing and balancing the aura. It represents completion in love, health, happiness, and good luck. It also features in long life, equilibrium, courage, strength, patience, decisiveness, energy and optimism. It is generally believed that Mookaite is useful with problems related to the guts, stomach, and peptic system. Moreover, it is said that it enhances the immune system. In the Zodiac field, Mookaite is associated with Leo, Aquarius and Aries.

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